You may have enrolled your child in a CBSE school in Haryana, but now you are probably wondering at what age you should send your child to a boarding school outside your home. We recommend that you enroll your child in hostel school from he is aprrox. 10 years, but the age is not always ready. Before enrolling your child in a boarding school in India,

You should consider the following facts:

If your child loves and enjoys interacting with new people, you can enroll in a boarding school. If your child is a little shy or doesn’t get along well with people, it may take a little longer before they enroll in boarding school.
Children are ready for boarding school when they are curious about the world. With constant interest, you can quickly get excellent grades in boarding school.
Haryana’s top boarding schools
Jai Public School is perfect for your child as it offer a positive learning environment that helps them thrive. Boarding schools offer several challenges and opportunities to help your child develop in the best possible way. Before signing up, you should understand if your child wants a challenge.
It often takes children a long time to open up, but there is nothing wrong with that. Boarding school is a challenging place and can be overwhelming for many children. Therefore, you need to make sure your child is ready for such a big challenge. You can have all the freedom you want in life. It also allows you to explore your interests and figure out what appeals to you in the long run. If your child is independent enough to be left alone, consider sending them to boarding school.
So there are a few things to consider before making a decision.

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