Are you thinking of applying to a boarding school for your child? Here are some suggestions for applying to boarding schools in India and best practices to follow during the process. So take all the steps to prepare and plan for admission to the private boarding school of your choice.

Many school websites have a request for information feature. This will detail the application process for that particular school. All application documents are sent in paper form. You can fill these out by hand or online.
Then mail the completed application to the school.

The online application saves institutions time as the data is loaded directly into the school’s admissions database. Approaches vary from school to school. Always submit your application as soon as possible.

Registration fee payment is required. Most schools accept credit card payments over the Internet. If you cannot afford to pay the registration fee, please let the school know.

What Happens After You Submit Your Application?

Follow Up:
Please remember that all applications to private schools are thoroughly reviewed. The more competitive the school, the more thorough the screening process. So the question for parents is: “How can I ensure that my child’s application ends up in the final and all-important stack of ‘approved’ folders?” In other words, how can you be sure that your child’s application will be successful?
Application for admission is all about delaying one child after another until you get a positive result.
Check school websites, research schools of interest by phone, complete application procedures, plan campus visits, select the best schools from successful applicants, apply for financial aid and prepare for the event.