Foundational Wing

JPS strives to nurture the minds of students right from the beginning. Our youngest students need to feel safe and supported in order to learn. In the Foundational Wing at JPS, the teacher focuses on developing supportive, trusting relationships, creating rich environments that encourage young students to explore and discover the world around them.

A five-year foundational program is child centered, based on parent-teacher collaboration. This also helps to create a strong bond between child, parent and teacher.

Preparatory Wing

The Preparatory wing includes light textbooks and formal but interactive classroom learning, to lay a solid foundation across subjects including reading, writing, speaking, physical education, arts, languages, environmental science and mathematics.

At JPS, we recognize and strive to support students’ diverse physical, social, intellectual, artistic and cultural abilities by making learning engaging, relevant, challenging and meaningful.

Our 3-year preparatory wing program is conventional subject-based teaching that bring relevance, authenticity and connection to student learning. We believe that children make meaning through experiential learning experiences with real-world applications. It begins and ends with a topic based on students’ interests and questions.

Middle Wing

By learning about and through subjects, students acquire skills that will best help them learn the subjects. Therefore, approaches to learning are an integral part of the JPS learning system that enhances knowledge and conceptual understanding. Together, these approaches help students think, research, communicate, and socialize effectively.

The Middle Wing curriculum is based on an emotionally safe and nurturing environment that is joyful. All efforts are aimed at maximizing the potential of each student and preparing them for the future world. They learn a foreign language of their choice and are exposed to another country and its culture.

Secondary Wing

The 4-year secondary wing program conveys the process of experiential learning. The program builds on the knowledge and skills students are exposed to during the preparatory years through meaningful projects, field trips and other engaging initiatives that can be designed by both teachers and students.

Students work independently and in groups to design and complete self-directed projects in a variety of subjects.