Jai Public School, Adhoi is providing value education to the students, which is important for the holistic development of young learners. The learning process continues uninterrupted by the pedagogical plan they follow. I express my gratitude to the Principal, teachers, mentors and all support staff for providing quality education to my child.

Mr. Parveen Singh

I chose this school for my son to provide him pre-eminent knowledge. A school that imparts curiosity learning based on activities. I appreciate the way teachers encourage the students to interact with them and not to be scared of them.

Mr. Nishant Chawla

We love Jai Public School, Adhoi due to its focus on foundational learning. It prepares its students to compete with the challenging world. We are very confident that JPS has equipped all its resources, who are efficient in their area.

Mrs. & Mr. Yogesh Saini

Jai Public School has taken initiative to provide systematic learning system to its students who are appearing for board exams in this session. The teachers are putting in their sincere efforts in teaching the students. I am thankful to the Principal for her keen interest in this mission ‘Board Exam Achievers’.

Mr. Rahul Sharma

I feel so fortunate that my son's first teacher is her mentor too. He has not only gained subjective knowledge but also learnt value education from her. I am very grateful towards her selfless efforts.

Mrs. Dimple Kaur

I am very satisfied with the quality education provided to my child in the school. He has improved his score in all his subjects. He was interested in sports activities. But, JPS has given him the exposure to participate in inter-school competitions and refine his Sport skills.

Mr. Naman Yadav

I like the concept of Jai Public School, ‘Preparing Global Achievers’, in which every child's unique quality is identified and the school puts-in the efforts to enhance their skills and capabilities.

Mr. Pankaj Kumar

A school which is committed to its duties for the physical and mental growth of its students. It conducts regular workshops, seminars, PTMs etc. The study pattern is based on experiential learning. We appreciate it.

Mrs. Mandeep Kaur